Bolo Tie – selfmade

Some days ago I tried to make a bolo tie by myself. Some „background information“ to begin with: My boyfriend’s birthday was coming up and as it was his 30th birthday I wanted to give him some special gift. Of course I also bought something but I also wanted to have something hand-made. He used to have a bolo tie which was stolen.. so somehow I got the idea of making a bolo tie. Or rather trying to make one 😉 . It is really a lot easier making crafts for girls/women.

Anyways.. here is some step-by-step report of making the bolo tie.

First of all I was searching the web for different pictures of bolo ties. After I had studied them for some time I had some kind of idea of whP1340774at I would need. I knew that I would need some leather cord and I decided that I would make a base out of beads, using the peyote technique.


But only something out of beads wasn’t enough. I needed something fancy. Eye-catching. Something to add to the base of beads. I read in my handicraft books and I looked through all my materials. I came up with some different stones, something cabochon-like as you can see on the picture below. But nothing really convinced me.



But then I found something fitting: It was an old brooch. Actually for women but I decided that I could also use it for a men’s bolo tie in this case.

P1340772Of course I couldn’t juse use it like this. As it was a brooch I had to remove the pin. Luckily this was easy, I was able to break it with pliers and afterwards just had to rasp the rests. It worked out a lot better than I had expected.




P1340776The next step was to create the clasp for holding the leather cords on the back of the bolo tie. After I had checked some photos on the internet I came up with this:

P1340780On the left had side you can see the brooch glued to the beaded base next to the clasp. I used juwelry glue.

But I was not satisfied yet, something was missing. Therefore I made something else out of beads using the peyote technique again and added it to the brooch. My main problem here was to adjust it symmetrically. Afterwards I was really unsure about my work. Two main qestions were bothering me: 1. Was this really fitting for a man to wear? Or did it look more like a women’s jewelry? And 2. Which way was the way to wear it?

I took the following  2 photos and sent them to some friends and family members:

The answer to the first question was clear: Yes, a man can wear it. The second question wasn’t as clear as the first but after I had asked some people the majority had decided that it should be worn upright as in the picture on the right.

Now there was only one thing missing: The leather cord with endings. And this is what it looked like in the end:

I hope you’ll like it as well 🙂


Please excuse any weird words or wordings.. I have never described something like this in English before so unfortunately I was missing some „specialist terms“  😉 .




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