An extra category for music? Why isn’t this unter the topic of “Blog Deutsch” or “Blog English”? Well, the answer is not that easy.

Yes, it could also fit under the blog-section because there will be blog posts about music. About CDs, concerts, books and whatever I come up with.

But. There will be also other pages that won’t be like a blog. So in that respect it needs an own category.

Music is one of my passions. I love playing music, I love listening to music at home, I love going to concerts, I also like festivals. I enjoy reading about music, I simply love to deal with music in all different kind of ways. This is one of the reasons why I studied musicology. To me it is incredibly fascinating listening to a piece of music after studying it more. It is amazing how diffrently you hear things then.

And this is something I would like to share with you. Many things here will be about classical music. I often meet people who can’t understand my passion for classical music. “It is so exhausting.” “It is boring.” “It is always the same.” “It is only for old people.” “It is so long.” “Oh but Beethoven’s 5th is pretty good!” (Most of the time they only know the first 5 bars..)

A similar situation with another of my favorite genres: Metal. “That is no music.” “They are only screaming!” “This is just loud and nothing more.” “Aren’t they all singing about the devil?”

All those prejudices! I would like to do away with those prejudices here. That’s why the texts won’t be as academic as one could expect, looking at my field of studies. I will write easy-to-read-and-understand texts and I hope that they will be interesting for you! Have fun 🙂



And – of course – my sources in my bibliography.

I am always happy for more ideas and requests! 🙂


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