so.. looks like I have to write about 3 days at once. 😉
Friday Cherri and I went shopping. I got for example 3 pairs of jeans for (all together) 60$. 🙂
After Ross got off work we went to Turkey Run State park. Ross and I went for a short hiking tour on one of the trails. When we came back Cherri was waiting for us and Brandon and Becky had arrived in the meantime. We went eating there. They had a buffet 🙂

Saturday we left around 7am to Michigan.
We took all 3 dogs. First we brought them to Jim and Kendra’s house and then we went to watch Ashton’s football game. Jim was one of the coaches.After the game we went to eat lunch somewhere with Kendra and Eden.
The kids have grown so much during the last 5 years!
Afterwards we went to watch Dylan’s football game.
The boys wanted to stay at the field after the game. The rest of us went to the beach where Eden and I went to swim in the lake. 🙂 The water was quite warm.
Later we met Jim and the boys at a restaurant.
Since a football game was going to start on TV Jim and the boys headed back home, the rest of us went for a short trip to St. Joseph. We went to eat ice cream at Kilwin’s. 🙂

Sunday all of us went to St. Joseph again to go to some gift shop. We returned to the house in the late morning to get the dogs and then headed back home.
It was such a great weekend 🙂


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