9/11/12 – 2

This morning Cherri and I went out to the Amish. Cherri needed something fixed on one of her saddles (stirrups were too long). And she had 2 old saddles she didn’t need. We left them there and they are going to sell them for her.
Afterwards we went so some other Amish store where I bought something 🙂 The guy there had a map with pins. I had to put one pin to that place where I am from. He spoke a little German to me, but I noticed that some words were quite different.
Later we had ranch day again. It went quite well 🙂


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  1. Von den Amish habe ich schon gehört. Sie sprechen den Dialekt ihrer Heimat. Aber ich weiß nicht mehr, wo die war. Du erlebst interessante Sachen! Liebe Grüße! Großmutter

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