9/9/12 – 2

What a busy day again..
We went to church this morning. Actually the one Huda once invited us to… 🙂 There were some people remembering me. I felt bad that I didn’t remember all of them.
After service I decided to join the High School Sunday school class. The youth leader, Tyson, came up to me and asked me my name. I told him. And then he looked at me kinda surprised and went: “Oh, welcome back! You’re form Germany, right? How long are you gonna stay here?” and so on. 😀 I actually got some “official” welcome later when he started talking to the group.
After church we had a cook-out here at the ranch. While we were waiting for the guests to arrive Ross and I watched the beginning of the first Colts game.
The Bakers were coming over and Becky (who is also a volunteer at the ranch) with her husband. I played Frisbee-golf with Ross, Seth, Sam and Fauzia. It was fun. But it didn’t do my wrist any good. :/
I joined the Bakers and went to their place where I was having quite a nice talk with Seth and Cindy. Later Seth took Fauzia and me to some bonfire where we met 2 other girls (I forgot their names) and Jan. She was actually the one who invited me there. It was really nice seeing her again. We ate some Pizza and then made some s’mores.
Later Seth and Mazharul (who had been doing something else in the meantime) came to pick us up there and brought me home.


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