okay.. I decided to write something for every day I spend here in the US. There are basically 2 reasons: It’s easier for me to remember afterwards AND I won’t have to write the same text many times, because you’ll all  be able to read it here. 😉

I’ll start with the flight.
Since Internet check-in didn’t work, I had to do the check-in at the air port. But in Hamburg they were only able to check me in for my first 2 flights. They told me to check in in Atlanta for the last one or, if it was possible, in Amsterdam.

The flight to Amsterdam didn’t take too long. The pilot (whose name was Terry or Jerry or something like that 😉 ) apparently liked to talk a lot. He was telling us all different kind of stuff.. 😀

When I arrived in Amsterdam I found some kind of check-in machine. And you could also use it to check your gate. I was planning on doing the check in for my last flight there after I had looked up my gate for the next flight. It showed on the screen that they were already boarding. So I decided to do the check-in in Atlanta and went to the gate.
The plane was huge. There were 3×3 seats in a row. The flight was quite good, even though it was taking 8 hours, 45 minutes. There was some entertainment program. I tried to sleep a bit but it didn’t work.
At some point we got some paper for customs declaration.

In Atlanta was another passport control and I had to leave my customs declaration paper. Then another security check.
Afterwards I had to get my luggage to take it to some place for connecting flights. I had to take a “plane train” to get near my gate. They had told me to do the check-in at the gate. So I went there to do it.. it was gate B3. But at the gate they told me they weren’t able to print my boarding pass and I needed to go to gate B19 to get it. It was quite a long walk.. 😛 There was one guy asking the people what they wanted there. I told him. He looked kinda shocked that the gate sent me there. He said my plane was going to leave soon and I wouldn’t have enough time to do the check-in and so on. There were still some people in front of me and it seemed to take ages. I started to think about what I would do in case I’d miss my flight. The guy from the beginning finally went to some free computer and told me to follow. He was typing, it didn’t seem to work, he called the gate, he made some other calls.. I’m not sure what the problem was, but this also seemed to take really long. When I finally got my boarding pass, he told me to hurry. So I did. Just to find out that my flight was 30 minutes delayed. yay. 😛
But somehow my plane arrived on time in Indianapolis.

Ross and Cherri picked me up. It was already late for US time.. but it was about 6 am in Germany. So once we arrived at little oaks ranch I went straight to bed.

I was up quite early the next morning. About 8.30. In the morning I went a bit hiking with Ross and Huck (dog). It was really nice but it was so hot. It stayed hot all day. Well, actually the temperature wasn’t that high but because of the humidity it was feeling very hot.
After lunch we went outside. And stayed there more or less the rest of the day.
It was ranch day. I was participating in the small lesson for the kids. Cherri and I were talking some German and the kids had to guess what language it was.
I won’t write everything in detail here. If anyone wants to know more: Feel free to ask me. I’ll just sum up the days without too many details.


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