Some time ago I saw somewhere on the internet an idea what to make of old silverware: Finger rings.

Before I start: Sorry if anything sounds weird. My everyday English might be good but once more for this blog post I realized that I do not know the English word for every tool I use for my crafts. (For some I don’t even know the exact German word 😛 ) Anyways, I hope you will still like this post any maybe it will even inspire you to try it yourself. I might post some more detailed DIY-instruction at some point.

I had some old silverware but the knifes were too thick, so I only used the spoons and the forkes. It sounded quite easy: Break the spoon/fork. File the sharp edges. Shape the ring. Done.

It definitely was not that easy. The first problem was breaking it. I had some different pliers, I tried many of them and at some point I managed to break the spoon (same with the fork). Filing was to problem.

But then came the hardest part: Shaping the ring. It needs quite a lot of strength to bend the silver and I the pliers can easily leave scratches.

I have 2 mandrels from my experiments with metal clay. But those mandrels are made of wood..  I still used one of them, since I did not have anything else, along with a mini-anvil and a jewelry hammer. It worked somehow but it left marks on the mandrel. I have ordered a metal mandrel for the next time 😉

Anyways, despite some difficulties I like how the rings turned out and I have already received quite some positive feedback, so I will try again. 🙂





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