Now I am sitting at the airport in Amsterdam. Some weird place here.. They have artificial trees and some bird sounds.. and something water-sounds.
So tired. I didn’t really sleep on the plane..

Tuesday we didn’t really do much. Ross had to work, Cherri and I were home. We gave the cats some flee medicine and the little dogs a bath.. And I learned how to drive the zero-turn mower. That was so much fun! 😀 Even though it was quite scary at first.
Brandon and Becky came over for supper. It was a nice evening.

Wednesday was a great day. We went downtown Indianapolis. It was such a beautiful day. Not really hot, but nicely warm and sunny. We went on a paddle boat trip on the canal.
Later we went to the airport then.. It was so sad to leave 🙁  I had such a wonderful time!

This will be my last entry for the US-trip. I’ll write more about something else in the future though.


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