“Bearers of the Sword” Tour Osnabrück

Or should I better write “Beavers of the Sword”? I definitely have to write a short entry about yesterday (and of today). You can ask me for the whole story. This is my list:

  • Too much traffic or the way was just too long from Milan to Osnabrück.. whatever was the reason – Amoral and Profane Omen didn’t play, only Ensiferum did, what was very sad
  • Bastard Club is a very small and a……location.. I don’t think I’ll ever go there again. It was funny though to watch them on the stage trying to fit the drum set and everything else there
  • Nevertheless the concert was great 🙂
  • Lai Lai Hei also with Finnish text (even though the show was in Germany), yay 🙂
  • 2 Profane Omen members wanted to buy my concert-ticket, Mika and I will be on the guest list whenever they’re going to play close to us
  • we made some new friends
  • played table soccer with singer and keyboarder of Ensiferum
  • got a new t-shirt
  • many very very weird people in Osnabrück at night and especially at McDonalds
  • Happy Meals are fun 😉
  • train back to Hamburg was 70 minutes late
  • a 6-km-walk takes quite a long time, especially when you haven’t slept really long

anyways. Despite some things that weren’t planned it was a good concert/ night 🙂


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