…a new blog…

There we go. I have a new blog.
There will be some differences.
The old blog was more like a diary, this one won’t.
The old one was only in German, this one will be (at least) partly in English.

Why am I writing a new blog? There are several reasons. First of all: I love writing. Second: I got quite a lot of positive feedback concerning my Finland-Blog. I was asked: “will you continue your blog in Germany?”  No. Of course not. Why should I? I am not in Finland anymore and the blog’s name is “Miriam suomessa” (=”Miriam in Finland”). Besides.. I don’t think that you would be really interested in my daily activities here in Germany.
People told me that they will miss reading my blog.
And I realized that I miss writing my blog.

I know, there are mistakes in my English. But there are also some misspellings and so on in my German blog. Only option is to ignore them 😉
You might wonder why I am writing partly in English. Practice. And some more people might be able to read it.

One notice: The name of this blog sounds rather stupid. But it will do until I have thought of something better.
Anyways.. I hope you’ll enjoy this new blog and I hope whatever I am writing won’t be too boring. 😉

Oh, anyone who might be still interested in my Finland-Blog: contact me. It’s private, but I might give you the reading permission for it. But you have to know at least some German to understand it.




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  1. Yeah Baby! Go on and…. be creative! 🙂

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