Beadwork I

It has been my hobby for quite a long time already. I am nowadays trying to keep track of all my results of beadwork. Taking a picture of everything that is ready and so on.
When I started with beadwork, I didn’t do it, some of the figures got lost, many were given away as gifts…
Anyways. This blog is a good opportunity for me to have the overview of my newest doings.

I believe I started in 5th or 6th grade with flat bead animals. (around 2001/2002)
Later I got for christmas or my birthday a book for non-flat bead animals. I started with one what looked easy to me but gave it up soon. It seemed to complicated to me.
At some point I got a second book for bead animals.

The next time I looked at the books and the beads was right before a short vacation in Denmark. I don’t remember when exactly it was, but it’s quite a while ago. It was only one week. And only my mother, my sisters, a neighbor and her daughter (and same time good friend of Lea). We were looking for things to take with us and I came across the beads and the books.
Sarah and I both tried. I’m not sure what Sarah tried first, but I believe it was a seal. I tried a walrus.
Both animals turned out way better than hoped and we discovered that it is actually pretty easy to make these bead animals.

This is the result of my first bead animal ever. 🙂

For the rest of the week we made many many of these animals. One per day.

This was how it started.
Since then I have done many more. I don’t have pictures of all, but of some and I’ll post them here.
Since it takes time to make these I am not doing it that often.. don’t have enough time.
Anyways, I hope you enjoy the pictures 🙂

Wizard. March 2011


Cockatoo. September 2010 (made for Kira)


Dragon. Sometime in 2008. Took a very long time and needed many many beads, wire and patience.
small dragon. September 2010 (made for Pate)
Moose. September 2010

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