Birthday Cake

I am definitely not the most talented person when it comes to decorating cakes.. nevertheless I tried it.

Still I tried a cake for a 30th birthday. As his birthday was on the same day when Marty McFly was supposed to land in the future (“Back to the Future” movie), the cake had to be at least a bit “Back to the Future”-themed. In addition I decided to include other hobbies/likes.. Ice Hockey.. Metal.. Finland of course…

As you can see I had some great plans in my head. The next step was to put this plan into practice… which turned out not to be easy at all. Making this cake was a mix of frustration, despair and then sometimes great pleasure when something turned out better than expected.. in the end I was not really totally happy with the cake but everyone told me how great it looked 🙂  Maybe they were just being polite. You can never know 😉  At least it tasted good, which is probably the most important thing about a cake 😉

Here are some photos:




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