Advent Calendar

I know, christmas time is already over. But I have been so busy lately that I just didn’t have any time to update this blog. I have made some rather unspectacular projects for Christmas (jewelry mostly).. I will upload some photos on DeviantArt.

But I also created an advent calendar for my boyfriend. It took me ages and in the end it didn’t exactly look like I had imagined it (like always.. 😛 ) but well.. just take a look yourself 😉

It is supposed to be a castle. And here’s the result from three different perspectives:

P1340857 P1340853 P1340848

As I already mentioned it took me ages to build it.. I also have some photos of the “making of”. I won’t post a whole tutorial here but if you are somewhat experienced with crafting I am sure this will totally suffice. If not – feel free to write me. 🙂


first “model” : testing how many boxes are needed and where they should be placed

painting it.. and

painting it.. and “sanding” it


some material for the roof


building the door lock




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