It is sometimes hard to make a decision. But sometimes you just have to.. One thing I am really really bad in is making decisions. This can be very annoying at some point.. and yes, it is annoying myself and probably others as well.
Like in this case… my studies. It changes from day to day. One day I like them.. the next day I hate them. Sometimes I even like them a lot. But most of the time I don’t like them.
By now I believe that I just made the wrong decision about one year ago..I will try to change it in summer. I will try to change university to study something what might be better for me.. and my future, as I have found some really interesting master degree programs. The ones I would like to do most.. are not in Germany.. but that’s fine as my original plan was not to study in Germany at all. 😉  I changed my mind after almost one year abroad but now.. it’s already about 10 months ago that I returned and I changed my mind again. But.. we’ll see what the future brings. My bachelor degree will definitely be in Germany.
I tried to talk to people about this “problem” with my studies. Most of them just weren’t very helpful. I am not sure why.. maybe they were just not interested. Or they didn’t know any helpful advice.. I would need one.  Luckily my parents had some helpful advices. other thing I keep thinking about is “is studying actually the right way for me?”. Maybe I would prefer doing something else. More.. not theoretical. Really DOING something. Violin maker sounds still great to me.
But.. we’ll see.

And then..there was an other decision. A hard decision but I am quite confident that it was right. It was about the little hare I had. Since I couldn’t choose a name, she just kept the name “Hasi”.
She traveled with me to Kiel and back to Steinfeld and back to Kiel. I don’t think she really liked the journeys.. But she obviusly liked Kiel a lot more than Steinfeld. But of course a hare needs freedom. So after about 5 weeks I brought her to a place where she will go back to wilderness once she is big enough.
I was really sad once I had made this decision. After 5 weeks.. feeding her at least twice a day.. taking care of her, having her around.. She had really become part of my life. Already.
So the morning we brought her to the place “Wildtierhilfe Fiel” I was really sad. But in the internet the place had sounded quite good and the man I talked to on the phone sounded nice.
When we arrived there and gave him Hasi, I knew that this was the right place for her to be. And I am still sure that this was the right decision.
Still. I miss her. As I had always someone or something around me.. I really miss this little fellow. Sometimes I really like being alone. But when you are actually really alone, something is missing. It is weird somehow.
I think I need to find a new pet =D
(only kidding, I don’t have the room and time for a pet at the moment)


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