I need a name!

A week ago I brought 2 little baby hares to the vet.. I had found them the evening before.
We came home. It was dark. I got out of the car and noticed a weird noise. First I ignored it but then I became curious and went to look. The first thing I saw was 3 cats sitting there and watching something. The next thing I saw was something running. It was too big for a mouse. It ran very close to the wall of the house. Since it was dark, I couldn’t really recognize what it was but it looked to me like a degu…That was quite a shock and without thinking I went to take it. As soon as I had it in my hand I knew that it wasn’t a degu. I brought it into the light….and saw what it was.
Later I was sitting in Lea’s room when our cat Emmi knocked at the window. Not expecting anything special I opened the window. Emmi came in…carrying something. I recognized it at once: another baby hare. She put it down and left.  I thought it was dead but then it suddenly moved, so I took it. Emmi came back later, looking for it..

The vet told me both hares were okay. Acutally they said they weren’t sure yet, whether they were rabbits or hares, since they were so young. But by now I am pretty sure they are hares.
I took them home with me later that day. One of them was doing quite good. The other one (Emmi brought) wasn’t.. it couldn’t walk. Whenever it tried it fell over. After feeding them, one was quite active, exploring the cage. The other one just lay down.. When I looked later, I thought it was dead but I didn’t dare to take a closer look. So the next morning I told my father that I thought one of them might be dead and he went to have a look. The one was dead. :'(  I buried it in the garden, next to the degu that died last summer.

The second one is doing good. So far. It can always happen something. I feed it with a bottle and some special milk.. Yesterday it already ate a very small piece of carrot. And it’s weight is about 135g.

So..please, keep your fingers crossed that this one will survive!!

And now for the name.. it needs a name. It’s a female hare.. I already asked some people for names.. (thank you! 🙂 )  I didn’t choose one yet.. And I would be happy for more suggestions.
I personally like fantasy-names (as you can probably tell by my (and Sarah’s) degu’s names)

Here’s the list with the suggestions I got so far (thanks Karin, Kira and Lea) :

I like some of them.. but I’m not totally convinced yet. Please, tell me what you think and if you have any other suggestions! Thank you! 🙂


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