Die rigorose Skifahrt – a story for Lea… ;) . and more.

This entry is dedicated to Lea.
Yes, a blog entry for my little sister who left to Canada Saturday. That’s why this is in English. She’ll hear a lot of English for the next 5 months. (what a surprise 😉 )
It is weird somehow. Time goes by so fast. I still remember how all (my parents and my sisters) brought me to the airport when I left to the US. I was about Lea’s age. I remember one of my parents telling me that Lea went to my room the first days after I left and cried there. Cute somehow 🙂
And I remember how she was complaining when I left to Finland (August 2010) and Sarah to France (a short while after I left) and she stayed home “alone”.
And what is also unusual.. that we all went to the airport and someone left for quite a long time…and this person wasn’t me. It has always been me before. I left for 5 months to the US and for 10 months to Finland… (and to Kiel, but I don’t really count that), but never someone else. Well, Sarah went to France for 5 months but when she left I wasn’t there.

Well, Lea, now YOU are the one who left. I know, you are going to have a great time there. Going abroad for a while is a great experience. I will be waiting for you blog-entries, really looking forward to reading about your impressions and everything you do there.

Tell me what it is like riding a polar bear to school. You’re probably going to return as a huge ice hockey fan… and we’ll have to buy maple syrup because you won’t eat anything without it 😉
Maybe you’ll even get a Canadian accent? Pronouncing “hockey” “haaakey” and “about” “aboot”.. ending almost every sentence with “eh” and so on ;D

Oh, and I hope you liked Sarah’s and my small folder… You should know, that Sarah REALLY ate the sausage with maple syrup and now she can’t even look at sausages any more 😀 So.. remember that every time you look at this wonderful picture (which in my opinion looks like Sarah actually liked sausage with maple syrup ).

Actually we wanted to include some small stories.. of this kind where one writes the story and the other one fills the gaps without knowing the story.. I’ll put one of them in the end of this entry.

Have a great time in Canada! I will miss you. But luckily there are some great inventions such as Skype, Facebook, E-Mail and so on 🙂

And please…bring me a moose! 😉

So.. here is the story.
Lea, du weißt, wie das funktioniert mit diesen Geschichten. Einer schreibt eine Lückengeschichte..und so weiter. 😉 Wer sonst noch gern eine genauere Erklärung hätte.. bescheid sagen.

Die rigorose Skifahrt
Es war ein atemberaubender Wintertag. Sinnlos fiel der Schnee und es schnabulierte jede Menge mehr. Heute war die Extravaganz, an der Lea Skifahren trällern sollte. Schon geklaut fuhren sie auf den Eisbären. Das Wetter war flauschig. “Oh, wie lästig!”, rief Lea. Und dann begann die Abfahrt. Erst fuhr Lea nur stolz, sie war zugespitzt. Doch langsam wurde sie unnahbarer und verlor ihre Angst. Schneller und verkehrter wurde sie. “Ohje!”, sprintete Lea und da war sie auch schon unten am Berg gefallen. “Was für ein tiefer Tag”, dachte Lea, “das mache ich Morgen gleich nochmal.”
Für den doch eher negativen Unterton der Geschichte kann ich nichts, Sarah ist für gewisse Worte und Ausrufe verantwortlich 😉 Ich hoffe, die Geschichte gefiel trotzdem ein bisschen.


October 1996


  July 2011



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