Fast and Easy Self-made Chocolate Crisps

Last year for Christmas I needed some last-minute gifts. And, since I had quite some chocolate left, I decided to try some Chocolate Crisps. I hope this is the right word. In German we call them Schokocrossies, but google told me that they are called Chocolate Crisps in English. Anyways – in case it is not the right word: I am talking about crispy chocolate snacks 😛

I told a few people about my plan and they told me how much efford it would be to do these myself. That I needed some kind of oil or fat and that it would take ages to dry and that everything would be dirty and sticky and and and.

I searched the internet for a good recipe and there really were some using fat. “In order to make them look more shiny”  I decided I did not need shiny chocolate crisps. I decided to stick to my original plan which was very easy, quite fast and the best – everyone loved the result.

So here is my recipe.


  • Chocolate (any kind)
  • Corn flakes (and/or almonds)



Break the chocolate into pieces and put it into a heatproof bowl.


Melt the chocolate. Use your favorite technique here. I used the microwave.


Stir in corn flakes (or almonds). Don’t hesitate to stir in a lot. But all flakes should be covered in chocolate.


Use a spoon to put little piles of chocolate-flakes-mix onto a baking tray, covered with paper. Let them dry.

Drying is the part that takes the longest. You should plan on waiting some hours.



Done! Take the dried chocolate crisps and put them wherever you want to store them. Enjoy! 🙂


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