Something new.. :)

It has been such a long time!
I am planning on being more active in the future. Since I am once again trying new handicraft works, I’ll probably post about those things. Especially about some own creations. As soon as I have done them. I don’t have THAT much time really.

Anyways. One of my newest “experiment” has been making some kind of fairies. dolls basically. They are partly felted and partly.. hard to describe in English. Wrapping could be the right word here.

Anyways. I am not really good yet, but I’ll try to improve. It’s fun. I found a really great book called “Feen, Nymphen, Nixen aus Märchenwolle” by Christine Schäfer. I use the basic technique from this book but so far I have done my own creations of design.

These are the 3 I have done so far:

water nymph


red hat cowgirl (Little Oaks Ranch)


just a “normal” doll

I’ll post more on my deviantArt page as soon as I have done more 😉


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