Taking Photos…

I like taking photos..I don’t know what I would do without having a camera within reach..
When I accidentally broke my old camera I thought I could manage a few weeks without. Borrowing from my sisters or parents when I really need one.. but I soon started to notice many things around me that would have made great pictures.
Maybe you know this.. you have a camera with you and there’s nothing that would be worth taking a photo of.. but if you don’t have a camera with you there are way too many things.
Anyways, I got a new camera (thanks to my father 🙂 )

I’m not sure when I really started to take that many photos.. probably in Finland. Before Finland I never had much time. School and my hobbies took most of my time. And then in Finland I had time just to walk outside and so explore the nature and the surrounding.

Then someone told me I should put some pictures on DeviantArt. So I did. Now I found some time to arrange the pictures and to create some folders 🙂
Here you can find my pictures from Finland… The “starting” folder 😉
Sometimes I need models.. So far Lea has been the only one to volunteer. But it’s really good working with her. Here you can find some examples..
Oh and my cats are always very good models. =D Just take a look here.

And.. finally..here.. the whole gallery. 😉 I will update it every once in a while.


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